Who Gets Acne?

Who Gets Acne?

Whether we are young, old, female or male, just about all of us get acne at some point in our lives. Acne is practically synonymous with the teenage years, thanks to a surge in hormones. But breakouts often don't end with our 20th birthdays; a huge percentage of adults battle acne well into the 50s. So if you have never had to hide your face behind long hair, avoid having your picture taken, or cancel a job interview because of acne, consider yourself lucky. It's a rare human who gets through life without a single pimple.

The type and severity of breakouts you experience can vary with age, gender, and location on your face and body. In general, teen boys have it worse than girls. Boys usually outgrow acne in their 20s, while women often have a resurgence of acne in adulthood, or may even breakout for the first time during the perimenopausal years. Adult men overall have a lower risk of acne. As for where acne localizes on the face or body, teens tend to get more acne on their chest or back, along with a scattering of pimples in the facial T-zone areas; adult women frequently notice a cluster of large, tender bumps on their chin, jawline or upper neck.

No matter your age or gender, acne creates deep emotional scars. Whether you're a vulnerable teen hoping to make new friends at school, or a professional adult wanting to project confidence to the world, acne impacts almost everyone's life. This is why we have made it our mission to help you take control of your acne, now, before it steals another day from you.

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